Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heroes metagame: Matt Parkman

Got a new email from Hana which led to what's supposed to be the last new profile from the Primatech files (at least for now). We've already met Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), but the new entry hints that his storyline is only just beginning to get interesting.

Case File – C3002
Subject: Matt Parkman (Known Aliases: None)
ABILITIES: Telepathy
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PERSONAL HISTORY: Matt Parkman, an LAPD patrol officer, was present at the Walker crime scene where his emerging abilities led him to the discovery of Molly Walker. Parkman began a tenuous working relationship with the FBI, specifically Agent Audrey Hanson, who believed his telepathic abilities would benefit the Sylar investigation.

After Parkman’s capture, his fully manifested abilities continued to aid him in his work with the FBI. He participated in the capture and interrogation of Theodore Sprague (See file C3003) and the continued investigation of Sylar’s murder spree. However, internal reports indicate that the ability may have caused personal problems on the job – he punched a fellow officer in the precinct locker room.
Sylar’s attack at Union Wells High School led Parkman and Agent Hanson to Odessa, Texas where they continued their investigation, during which Parkman became suspicious of my activities. Parkman’s surveillance and unsuccessful raid on Primatech Paper Company resulted in a six-month suspension from the LAPD and ruined his credibility with the FBI. He is currently working as a private security guard in Los Angeles.
* Recent search of pre-natal medical database indicates that Janice Parkman is pregnant. Refer to Prenatal Medical Chart for further study.
* Obtain sample of Amniotic Fluid for internal genetic testing. HIGH INTEREST in Parkman’s offspring and any abilities its genome might possess. Encourage CVS to complete genetic sequencing.

His telepathic abilities have posed a problem to him professionally, as evidenced by his departmental review, and personally, as evidenced by marriage counseling records. His desire to advance his career, which now seems to be an impossibility within the LAPD, may be a weakness to be exploited.

DIRECTIVE: Continue tracking and observing. His suspicion of Primatech Paper should not be viewed as a serious threat at this time.

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