Tuesday, March 07, 2006

X-Men 3: The Last Stand trailer
Yeah, I've watched the second trailer for X-Men 3: The Last Stand about 30 times so far.
I firmly plant myself apart from Fanboy GroupThink. This movie, based on the trailer, seems to have the goods. Sure, they deviate wildly from X-Men canon and history, but so has every fucking superhero movie ever made.
Just so long as Brett Ratner gets all he needs to insure the finished product in May is every bit as kick ass as the two trailers, my keister will be in a seat on opening day. And maybe the day after, too.
There are some great scenes in the new trailer. Pretty much everything with Kelsey Grammer in it (aside from the awful Fur T-Shirt -- didn't they have a make-up crew on set???). Iceman freezing the pond. Cyclops letting loose like he never has before. Juggernaut chasing Shadowcat. The bit (after Phoenix or Juggernaut's attack) with Logan and Storm crying over the empty wheelchair. Oh, did they give something away?
I've been an X-Men fan for something like 22 years. Before that, I read Captain America, Batman, The Avengers and The Hulk, and that was pretty much it. Uncanny X-Men opened my eyes to how amazing comics really could be. And how powerful the stories and characterization in a slim 22-page book could be. There've been a few years when I wasn't reading any X-books. Those years, I read no comics at all. I've gone back and read most of what I've missed from those times.
I understand that sometimes there are different creative teams on a comic book -- different writers, artists, etc. Why can't it be the same for this franchise? This might not be Claremont & Byrne at their finest, but I'm fairly certain it's not gonna be Chuck Austen.
I also hope it isn't truly the franchise's last stand. There's a dearth of stories to tell in the X-Universe. As long as they can keep the quality up, there's no reason why we can't see a few more films. Trilogies are so passe. Like 3 is some kinda magic number. To hell with that idea.
Let May come. I think I'll be happy when it does.

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