Thursday, March 09, 2006

NextWave #2
writer: Warren Ellis
artist: Stuart Immonen
published by Marvel Comics

If I didn't already have my lips busy kissing Grant Morrison's ass, I'd probably be puckering up for Warren Ellis.
What he's done in only two issues of NextWave is nothing short of remarkable. He's turned the Marvel Universe on its ear and managed to finally point out that 1) Fin Fang Foom has no genitalia and 2) he wears underwear anyway.
That, and he's created the funniest, most giddily fucked up super-team since Giffen and DeMatteis' Justice League. He took a bunch of Marvel B-listers and never was-beens and forged them into the heiney-bootin', hard-drinkin' superteam for a new century -- and he also managed to almost make me pee myself laughing.
I want a crappily animated NextWave movie -- it can be as crappily animated as Ultimate Avengers -- BUT THEY HAVE TO LET IT BE JUST AS RUDE AND DISGUSTING AS THE COMIC OR I WILL FUCKING KILL PEOPLE!!!

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