Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Podcast Planet #2: What Adam's Listening To

Since I have made a few recommendations about podcasts, I'm gonna tell you exactly what I'm listening to now. In fact, the links in this article are the feeds I listen to.
I don't use podcasts for news because I don't listen to them often enough to be current every day. I might only listen to one program once a week. I end up READING my news (always the best way) instead. So, given some time, I might do yet another update to this, tentatively called RSS Planet, where I'll throw out some of the feeds I read.

Podcast Software
I use the podcast aggregator Juice to download almost all my podcasts. Not iTunes. Because Juice resumes partial downloads (which is important for indie casters, since it saves bandwidth and thus $$$). It's open-source. It's free. And it integrates seemlessly with my iTunes.
I'm a writer, and I do listen to two podcasts about writing. The Writing Show is a decent show in the NPR mold that deals with the business side as often as the creative side of writing. Writers on Writing is more of a conversation with writers of various formats -- including a reading of said author's work. Because of these shows, I finally came around to listening to the free, public domain books over at LibriVox.
Video Podcasts
I do watch a number of video podcasts, two of which I haven't figured out how to get into Juice yet. Dammit. So, I have to download those via iTunes. The first of the iTunes-only 'casts is RocketBoom, a pseudo-news program more in the vein of BoingBoing or DeFamer. Amanda Congden brings you tech news and weirdness, pretty much on a daily basis. And, allegedly, it's in HD now. Wowsers. I also enjoy the antics of the crew over at TikiBar TV. Lala, if you're reading this -- call me. Really. Every episode, they mix up a tasty Tiki cocktail and yuck it up Rat Pack style. I am truly, truly a fan of this damn show. Lala, really...Call me, babe. We'll do drinks and talk about your, um, science.
I also watch the Vintage ToonCast, a collection of public domain cartoons. Why? Because I fucking love cartoons. They've occasionally veered away from toonage and shown some dude's short films, but what the hey? Me likey.
I'm curious about technology, much like every other guy out there, and thus I appreciate GeekBrief TV. Host 'Cali Lewis' introduces you to new and fun tech items as often as humanly possible -- and now that she's on PodShow, maybe even more often.
I'm curious about sex as well (much like every other guy out there) and have found KitKast not only fun and informative, but occasionally insightful. Unlike Suicide Girls, the Yum Yum Girlie Show or the ClubJenna trailer cast, all of which are duds (and all of which are just commercials for premium services anyway). KitKast is actually a news show that covers sex and the sex industry.
Since I'm also curious about the culture of the Far East and how to do all those crazy ninja moves from Ninja 3: The Domination (like EVERY guy out there), I watch the Ask a Ninja podcast with religious fervor. OK. I'm lying. I only just started watching. But it's funny.
Movies and TV
I'm a whore for Kevin Smith (Kev...call me. Really. Since Lala won't have me, I WILL go gay for you, you lunchbox full of man-lovin...) I'm eagerly awaiting his next film, Clerks 2 and I'm enjoying the living hell out of his video journals from the set.
Since I mentioned entertainment I'm a total whore for, I loooove me some Lost. And the Official Lost Podcast gives me an extra fix with just about every episode of the show.
I do listen to two movie review podcasts, both very much mainstream. Ebert and Roeper are still the gold standard for mainstream movie reviews, and even though the podcast is just an audio version of the TV show, it's every bit as informative (though I miss the clips from the movies). I also listen to Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony because I have a soft spot in my heart for the old codgers from The Muppet Show. I've tried a number of the indie movie 'casts...and frankly...they all suck. But not for much longer, hopefully.
Hockey season is still going strong, so I listen to two hockeycasts (I used to listen to the feeds of BlueJackets games but stopped when I was almost 20 games behind in my listening). I listen to the Madison Square Garden Network's HockeyNation and TSN's NHL Insider with Bob McKenzie pretty regularly.
I might not get my news from podcasts, but I do like to keep up on politics. And, though I'd sorta discounted him at first, I've found John Edwards to be one of my favorite politicians out there (and a hell of a nice guy when I met him here in CBus). He has both an audio and video blog on his site, and he invites registered members of his online community to participate.
Anyone who's known me for any length of time knows I'm a sucker for comics, and thus I enjoy getting news from the House of Ideas on the Marvel Comics podcast. I really appreciate that they've taken the effort to sit down and do something for their fans and retailers in this format. Some day, I might even apologize to Joe Q for embarassing him with questions about what he was thinking hiring that assclown Chuck Austen. Maybe.
Podio Books
Speaking of reading, I love books. That's no secret. But I've only started appreciating the emergent format of podio-books. Scott Sigler's EarthCore and Ancestor were both very entertaining, no matter what issues I had with Scott's bad accents or occasional story hiccups. And he's got a new podio book dropping ANY DAY NOW! Also, because of one of his short stories being read on the show, I finally checked out Escape Pod, a science fiction podcast full of short fiction. Good stuff.
I don't know about you, but I like a good laugh. Bring me the funny any day. I even appreciate sicko humor. So, it's not really a surprise that I listen to Tim Henson's Distorted View Daily. When I found out that he was also a friend of a friend, it only just illustrated how damn small the world really is. If you're into goofy British humor, I'd recommend the Ricky Gervais Show, but they're charging now. So, as far as this poor bastard is concerned, fuck that noise. Instead, try out TheFixOnline's online radio show. Sadly, I can't find a damn RSS feed for that. Stupid ignorant British bastards.
Speaking of funny, how lucky am I? My favorite traditional couples' podcast, The PK and J Show is right out of my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. They're fun, a great listen and they ALSO know Tim Henson. Like I said...small world. So, they're like friends of a friend of a friend.
PK isn't a Preacher's Kid. And J is actually a chick. The two have an easy chemistry and seem fairly comfortable in front of the microphone. The show is fairly free-form, and they'll spend as much time on taste-testing vodka as they do on politics. I can't rightly say I've ever learned something from the PK and J Show, but I've always been entertained.
The Interlude Where I Diss Dawn&Drew and Soccergirl
I gave up on Dawn and Drew because I just got sick and tired of Dawn. I don't mind Drew Domkus' personality at all, but Dawn just gets all over every last nerve I have. She's always trying to act all sexy when she looks like Ernest Borgnine with pink hair. She keeps getting stupid pets -- yeah, she's one of THOSE people -- and Drew ends up taking care of them. She likes small, yippie dogs. And she's truly convinced she's witty and funny when she's most certainly not. Drew'd be better off jettisoning her broad-beamed behind and recruiting her father, Showbiz Dad.
I also don't listen to Soccergirl Incorporated any more because, well, she just got stale. I fast-forwarded through her bathcasts because I didn't find her "erotic" stories very erotic. I never bothered looking at pictures of Soccergirl's tits, so I really can't be bothered to being in her little cult of personality. Or lack thereof.
I'm glad that people buy her gifts for showing her tits off. That's terrific. If I had a pair of boobs, I'd show them off so people would buy me furniture and a DVD collection. That's totally what I'd do. Oh, wait. That's totally fucking lame. Sorry, Soccergirl fans, but your idol has nothing to offer you but her digitally captured rack.
Ryan P, on the other hand, rules.
The Charlie!
Speaking of cults of personality, for all everyone tries to nail Adam Curry for any verbal misstep he might make, I truly enjoy his Daily Source Code. Curry is a breath of fresh air in total opposition to any image I had of him from his days at MTV.
I've always hated MTV. And for the longest time, before that asshole Carson Daly came along, Adam Curry was the poster child for everything that was wrong with the channel. He was this Big-Haired Fag who introduced videos and tried to look all excited by the crap they were passing off as music. I truly hated Adam Curry.
Sure, he's still a Big-Haired Fag...but he's OUR Big-Haired Fag. He truly gives a damn about this new media, and he's doing something about it.
All that hatred for Adam Curry? Oh, I realize it was misplaced. I was wrong. I've come to admit that yes, Adam Curry is one of us. And dammit, I love his show.
Delta Sierra Charlie (pilot-speak for the DSC's call letters) is entertaining as hell, not because of the music Curry spins (though he does find some true gems on the Podsafe Music Network. No, it's entertaining because Curry invites his listeners into his home, his car, and his business -- everything. He's completely open and candid. He's willing to sit there on the air in his bathrobe, spliff in mouth, and tell you all about his hangover, jet lag or even his problems raising a teenager. He's even opened up a segment on his show to compare notes with his listeners about personal grooming tips (which kinda does prove he's a Big Haired Fag, but like I said before, he's OUR Big Haired Fag).
He might be The Podfather, but he's also just a guy with all the same problems as the rest of us. Oh, and he occasionally shits all over MTV, which just makes my heart ooze gooey love for him.
Blatant Plug
Now, just in case you haven't read any of my blatant plugs, I listen regularly to Constant Columbus, a weekly music cast about the local scene right here in my backyard. There's a link to their site right over on the right hand side of the page. Go on. Click it. You know you want to. I know one of the hosts, and in spite of being a total fucking jerk, he's not a bad guy. I'm loving the new format and I think his new cohost is gonna work out just fine.
Dorks Are Fun: A Quickie Review, Too!
So, I was recommending podcasts to a friend the other day, and I mentioned a new one I've been listening to, Dork de Jour (Yes. I, and they, know it's misspelled.).
His complaint about it...Derek "dmann" Mahr is an idiot.
I'd like to address that. First off, let's assume that Derek IS an idiot. That's all well and good. But...he's OUR idiot. The idea is, you support your own. Derek, though an idiot, is one of us. He's a geek, he's trying. Give him a chance.
Second. Let's assume the opposite. Perhaps Derek isn't an idiot. Perhaps it's just another case of Opinions Are Like Assholes -- Everyone Has One. Once again, no reason not to listen.
I realize that we all have limited time, limited hard drive space, limited space in our iPods/Rios/etc. There are thousands of podcasts out there, some of which are to our tastes. Some aren't. But the only way to know is to TRY them.
For the record, Derek Mahr IS an idiot. But, that's part of his charm. Hearing him and his co-host Megan McDonald (the brains of the outfit -- take that again, Derek! BURN!!!) gab about whatever weirdness comes to their minds is refreshing after listening to something more pandering like the Dawn and Drew Show.
Dork de Jour really is meant for a few select friends to listen to. But, why can't that circle of friends widen? The issues they address really are universal, not just for people addicted to Ain't It Cool News.
I don't watch American Idol (except occasionally when I'm at the theater and it's on). I'm not interested in everything that Megan and Derek are interested in. But, the podcast is just as compelling as stuff that I'm totally invested in. I'm hooked mainly because of the glorious, random train wreck that it is.
From movies to the Nobel prize to American Idol to dead celebs to Scott Stapp's porno tape, Dork de Jour covers it all from the perspective to two admitted dorks several states apart communicating with each other (and us) via Skype. The audio is spotty...which is a GOOD thing, because it means they're authentic, fucker...and they really have zero focus. Which is also a good thing (see above).
Neither of the hosts take themselves, or the show, seriously. Also a great thing. Because if they have to shit all over something, it doesn't seem as mean spirited as a FOX News commentator. It's all about fun and things that they love. How many people claim to be better than Ex-Lax for relieving constipation?
Besides, they like Deadwood. And any cocksucker who watches Deadwood is okay in my book.

The podcast revolution is all about participation. And that means that Roger Smalls is just as vital to the revolution as that Big-Haired Fag Adam Curry. Listen to a few of these podcasts and see if they're to your liking. I'll keep in touch about the new coolness I discover, and I hope you all do the same.


dmann said...

Thanx fur dthe luv...fokker!!!

Adam said...

It's well deserved love, d.
The check is in the mail, right?

Adam Curry said...

The Real BHF here.
Glad you're listening.
Guess what, I hated MTV too when I was there ;)


Adam said...

I think I'm all aflutter.