Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The TRUTH About Hidalgo

I don't know the truth about "facts" behind Hidalgo. Nor do I think it matters to a hill of beans what the real facts are.
See, I'm a romantic. Most movie geeks are. Passion and imagination are the stuff that I live for. I don't necessarily live in a fantasy world...I just enjoy the fact that our brains are wired for fancy as well as fact.
I don't give a shit what the truth of Frank Hopkins life is. I just wanted to be entertained by Hidalgo. It's a pleasant enough movie, and entertaining to be sure... It's just not something that challenges you at all or leaves any doubt about the outcome.
The movie's overly PC message that Blood Doesn't Matter is noble enough, and definitely stamps it as bland Disney product. Can we not just be entertained by the film instead of edumacated?
Viggo Mortensen is charming enough in the lead, carrying the movie with effortless grace. He's backed up by Omar Sharif as the Sheik of Sheiks and a whole lotta nobodies (though Malcolm McDowell and C. Thomas Howell have cameo roles). It's a delight to see Sharif onscreen, meaning I will likely have to seek out Monsieur Ibrahim when it hits Ohio. The horse is good, too, but doesn't get many good lines.

There is no question that Hopkins and his mustang stallion will triumph over adversity. Even when it's supposed to be hopeless, you know Frank will find a way. Perhaps if all of his opponents weren't such two dimensional stereotypes or such base villains, you'd think one of them might have a chance.
If the movie weren't PG13, you'd be able to forgive it a lot of its faults, as it's Disney and obviously pandering to families and children. However, since they kept the "edgy" testicle humor and slutty Englishwoman, you'd hope that they added some depth to a character or two aside from our hero.
Hidalgo's not an awful movie. The truth is...it's just a rental

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