Friday, February 13, 2004

A Highly Suggested Wave by a Highly Intelligent Royal Highness
So I kept seeing this beautiful vocalisty music video on mtv buzzworthy..well the end of it, and I am surprised to see that the video is MAPS by the best band ever I could harldy hold in my pee. I have loved YYY for long time. Karen O.'s screechy vocals make me 'super duper' happy. Her ability to go from a childish whimper to a full blow barbarian YAWP gives me goose bumps. THEREFORE, I decided to go forth and conquer the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new-ish cd ‘Fever to Tell’. This CD is simply amazing. Put Karen, Nick, and Brian into a blender, set puree and what do you get? They craziest blend of gooey ‘New York’ rock that I have ever heard. A couple of songs that really caught my attention were Tick, Maps, Rich, Cold Light, Modern Romance and the hidden track about 2 or 3 minutes behind Modern Romance. The whole cd is pretty stunning. This is my totally biased view on YYY, because I love them. If you like them, try the EP shit, like the song ART STAR. So there you have it, a rave on a cd full of razzamatazz.

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