Friday, January 02, 2004

Welcome to a New Year...

OK, so I tried updating on New Year's Day and the whole damn thing (my computer, the site, and my friend's wireless connection) all conspired against me.
It's a new year folks. Full of new possibilites and new opportunities. I won't beat around the bush...we have the world at our fingertips, folks. I'm proud to have some of the most brilliant, creative and vital people I know on staff with Neurotrash. The possibilites for what we can do here seem pretty damn limitless.
This blog is more than just a personal's a community. We can rant, we can joke, we can actually make sense. We have to do none of them. We simply do because it suits us, and that works great for me.
Your homework, my friends, is this. Invite one person to read the page. That's it. No pressure. No sales. No fundraising. Just show one person the page, and let 'em know you work on it.
We'll get around to another homework assignment soon.

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