Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ultimate X-Men #69

writer: Robert Kirkman
artist: Ben Oliver
published by Marvel Comics

I've been enjoying Robert Kirkman's career as a writer. As the man behind what's arguably still my favorite comic today (The Walking Dead), I've sampled quite a bit of his work over the last couple of years. Occasionally, he misses. But when he hits, watch out.
This is the first issue in the "Phoenix?" storyline...which might well mean some bad juju is coming down the pipe for the Ultimate versions of my favorite mutants. Professor X has taken in another mutant, this time a reality-altering guy named Elliot who can't control his powers. Jean's being tested by a religious organization (who may well be aliens) who believes her to be a mythic being called the Phoenix. Rogue's having trouble adjusting to having Remy LeBeau stuck in her head now that he's taking a dirt nap. Nick Fury's calling in an old marker with Wolverine. And Angel's attending the Homecoming dance at Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow (though he's there undercover for Professor X).
See where all of this is going? Neither do I. And that's half the fun of the Ultimate line. You think you know the history of these heroes, but you don't. Things can change. The basic architecture of classic Marvel is there, but the writers and artists can have fun doing things in new and creative ways.
I'm looking forward to the rest of this storyline except for one thing. The art. Ben Oliver can not draw. Period. He's a grade above stick figures.
Get a better artist, Marvel. You have enough of 'em.

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