Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Podcast Planet 4.0

Nobody Likes Onions

So, put three supposed stand-ups together in a room and you'd think someone would bring the funny, right?
Nobody Likes Onions just plain sucks ass. Unfunny, unoriginal, uninspired. So many insults come to mind. Calling people fags is about as funny as these guys get, so they play like gangbusters with the Jr High set. Three quarters of their callers haven't hit puberty yet, and to punctuate it, the NLO gang sings along perpetually with Hillary Duff's "Sweet Sixteen".
Boy, howdy. That's the essence of comedy.
Hearing three supposedly grown men beg someone on a webcam to show her tits is kinda pathetic, but not particularly entertaining. And it drags on for TWO FUCKING HOURS???

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