Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Review: A Guy Goes Into a Bar
a short film by Derek Mahr

2 minutes and 54 seconds. That's it. And fifty seconds of it is credits.
In. Out. No fucking about.
It's an old joke. A dumb joke, but one that still made me laugh, in spite of the fact that I've heard it told before (thanks to one of the local mail carriers), read it in Maxim or Stuff or one of those dopey magazines, and now have seen it rendered into pixelated videe.
Yeah, I laughed. Fuck you. Whatever. I still laugh at dick and fart jokes. I'm a guy. I'm a primitive. Eat me.
My big bitches about the film -- 1) The video encode is super shitty (but you gotta make things small to put 'em online so the poor dial-up saps can still get it in under a day -- stinking bastard dial-up users) and the flat and occasionally jerky cinematography (OK, it's only really jerky when it's walking with the titular Guy -- try a skateboard next time, dude, 'cause handheld and jerky just makes me flash back to every bad shaky-cam movie I've seen). Thankfully, there's some halfway decent editing to cover up most of that. 2) The bartender (Joel Eckman) fidgets way too much...and because of it, there are a few continuity gaffes. Most bartenders are a bit more relaxed anyway, unless they're in a rush.
Two minutes isn't a lot of time to sacrifice watching a short film. And unlike a few I've seen (fucking student films...grrrrrrrr), it had plot, made sense, and wasn't overdone.
Speaking of done, I'm done talking about it. It was only two minutes long, fer chrissakes!

PS, if you're interested in seeing the damn movie, contact him via his LJ. He has it online somewhere...

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