Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Marvel Team-Up #2-4
writer: Robert Kirkman
artist: Scott Kollins
published by Marvel Comics

Robert Kirkman is hotter than Heat Miser's nether regions, and Marvel is bending over backwards to let him play with the toys.
Hence, the resurrection of Marvel Team-Up, a stalwart of the 80's comic scene where Spider-Man was partnered for an issue or two with another character. It was the one Spidey book I ever really read, because there was usually an interesting guest star to make up for Spider-Man being so damn lame.
Kirkman's tweaked the formula. Spidey isn't necessarily gonna be in every issue. Instead, each issue will feature two Marvel characters in an ongoing story arc.
It started off with Spider-Man and Wolverine facing off with a new teenage mutant who also happens to be an amoral killer. The story then switched to the Fantastic Four and Dr Strange studying an extradimensional phenomenon that was caused by an ersatz Tony Stark popping into the mainstream Marvel Universe. Then, we get Iron Man and the Hulk facing off against both the mutant kid and the Tony Stark Dr Doom guy. And all the while, there's an alien monitoring things for some mysterious reason.
I love Scott Kollins' art, as well, which is making this a real treat. If only I had #1 so I knew how the story started...

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