Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ex Machina #6-7
writer: Brian K Vaughn
artist: Tony Harris
published by Wildstorm/DC Comics

I'm a whore for writers when it comes to my comics. Hence my villification of the early to mid 90s output, especially from Marvel and Image.
It's a natural that I read just about everything that Brian K Vaugh puts pen to. He is, quite simply, one of the most solid and promising writers working in comics today (though the same could be said for Robert Kirkman, Brian Azzarello, etc). Fact is, Ex Machina is one of the fresher concepts to pop out of one of the majors in the last few years (his Y: The Last Man being another of them). And the writing fulfills the promise of the premise...what happens when a superhero achieves political office?
Superheroes are idealistic sorts. Comes with the cape and tights. And this book wears its idealism on its sleeve. Therein lies its great strenght -- to speak on social issues. Like the X-books at their finest moments, Ex Machina is about something.
Perhaps I'm biased because I agree with some of the issues the book brings up. Perhaps I'm a bleeding heart liberal. Guess what? Bite me if ya don't like it. I'll stick to my guns and you people can worship the false idol you installed in office.

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