Saturday, March 20, 2004

Sand is over rated, but this movie isn't.

Hey. I saw Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind yesterday. What can I say about this movie, I really enjoyed it. I read the script a while back, and I was confused because with out visuals, I really couldn't tell what was going on, but I did like what I read. Jim Carey and Kate Winslet had very solid characters. They were opposites in my eyes, and they balanced each other out quite nicely. As far as Elijah Wood goes, well he doesn't. i felt like he just went in, did his lines and character whatsoever..and he played the guy off wayyyyy too he was a 15 year old girl worrying if everyone liked 'him' or not. Mark Ruffalo is super funny in this movie, I can't think of something off the top of my head that I have seen him in, But he did a good job in this film, though I could have done without that ass shot *at least he had a nice even tan*. Kirsten, kirsten... When I read this I thought Mary was a bit older, she was too young (in my mind). She wasn't the weakest link..but she came really close. And in the end there was Howard, played out well by Tom Wilkinson, who is great in EVERYTHING. I love him in The Full Monty, and In The Bedroom. He is such a good actor, he wasn't too hot, nor too cold, he was just right for this part. Oh I just realized that I spent all this time on characters. Ok so short analysis. The narration with the film was excellent, timing was right. This film was verrrrry different. It was shot with hand held cameras, well that's what it looked like to me, but I think it was actually a good idea. I mean for me it felt like Joel and Clementine's relationship was parallel with how the film was shot, shakey at times. The dialogue between characters was uncomfortable, especially with elijah wood's character. He was so dry. He had little screen time, so it didn't bother much, but it did enough to write about it. Overall I give this movie an steady (unlike the camera) 8 out of 10. I went in with high expectations, and this movie pretty much hit its mark *ruffalo*.

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