Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroes Metagame: Kaito Nakamura/tracking systems

The latest email from Wireless came last night. Didn't wanna read it until I watched the season finale later today (iTunes download starts around noon-ish, I think), but it appears it didn't make any difference (unless they show some of Hana's travels).

First, Hana points us towards Kaito Nakamura (Hiro's pa, for the un-savvy) and his Yamagato Fellowship.
The Fellowship profess to be an organization that studies heroes. Imagine that...
There is a video message from Kaito Nakamura on the site. However, it is in Japanese. And I know about three words in Japanese. So, I'm no help there.
Amongst their studies are Gawain, Thor, Beowulf, Jason, Crazy Horse and one Takezo Kensei, the "Sword Saint" Hiro is fond of.

Takezo Kensei

A wild savage turned master swordsman whose heroics helped unify Japan.

Takezo found a sword frozen in the snow that helped him focus all his strength and courage. Some say this sword, and Takezo’s power, were a Godsend.

With war threatening to fracture Japan, he went to the Dragon of Kiso Mountain and asked him to teach him the secrets of the sword. The Dragon agreed to help in exchange for all of his love. Takezo loved a princess with all his heart but knew Japan would fall if he did not triumph, so he agreed. The Dragon taught him and he became Kensei (a sword saint).

With his newfound knowledge, Kensei fought and won a great battle – thus saving his people. After the battle, the Dragon came to Kensei’s palace to collect on their deal. The Dragon demanded the life of the princess. Kensei refused and cut out his own heart, handed it to the dragon and said, “My love is in here. Take it.” And then he died. When the Dragon saw what Kensei was willing to sacrifice for his people (and his love) he was so moved that he replaced Kensei’s heart and breathed fire-life back into the swordsman.

The Takezo dynasty went on to rule Japan with valour and love for a hundred years.

Find the other bios on your own. I'm not doing ALL the work for ya.

Second, this post appeared last night on Hana's blog.

I’m in China.

Believe it or not, I am about to be launched into space. Really. I am not writing in metaphor. I’m not trying to be cute. I’m about to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s the only chance we’ve got to put an end to this. It’s the only chance we’ve got for freedom.

Linderman’s organization has two tracking systems…

One is called the Walker System -- HRG and Parkman are busy disabling it right now in New York City. Sadly, Ted Spague died on this mission. Another casualty in our war.

The second system is a satellite orbiting up in the heavens. Anyone who’s been “marked” -- anyone with the double-incision marks (like me) can be tracked 24 hours a day by this machine. So, I have to destroy it.

Like Linderman’s intranet in Vegas, I can’t crack this system unless I get close.
The Chinese have the next bird leaving planet Earth. That’s why I’m here. Who knew our little journey would lead to this?

No matter what happens to me up there, know your help has been invaluable to the cause. Know that this is all about to finally end. At least for now…

With you always,


I wonder what surprises the Heroes crew have planned for the summer in the metagame...

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