Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heroes metagame: Hana Gitelman & Sylar

I still haven't watched last night's episode of Heroes yet, but I'm hoping we've seen more of Hana.
She sent me an email (I still can't quite wrap myself around the idea of metagames, receiving emails from fictional characters and all, but I'm trying) with a hidden login link inside Primatech's website. You might recognize the helix logo from MANY appearances on the show -- including a certain sword.

If she wasn't in more of the episode, I've been in her Primatech files:

SUBJECT: Hana Gitelman (Known Aliases: Wireless)
ABILITIES: Can intercept, generate and interpret electronic wireless transmissions.
LOCATION: Currently unknown.
PERSONAL HISTORY: Grandmother fought in World War II in the resistance against Germany. Mother was a decorated Israeli pilot. Both her mother and grandmother were killed in a 1989 terrorist attack, which Gitelman survived.

Gitelman served in the Israeli Army and transferred to Mossad in 1997 where she excelled in Sig-Int and rose through the ranks of the intelligence organization, most likely due to her latent abilities.

I exploited Gitelman’s strong desire to participate in active field work, recruited her from Mossad, and put her in our service. After physical training at our secure facility and the full manifestation of her abilities, Gitelman was sent to Tanzania to intercept data on DNA alteration from Dr. Henry Strauss. She successfully completed the mission, but was captured in the process and turned over to the US Embassy. Her belief that she was working for the CIA and lack of bona fides most likely came as a surprise to her and our intelligence indicates that she escaped.

Gitelman has not been heard from since she escaped custody in Tanzania. I suspect she is living “off the grid” under an assumed identity.

Possibly unstable. Refer to Mossad-Prepared Psych Evaluation for detailed analysis. Gitelman may harbor resentment for what she views as our abandonment of her in Tanzania.

DIRECTIVE: Locate and debrief. Gitelman’s abilities makes her a highly valuable asset to the organization.

••CAUTION•• All communication regarding Hana Gitelman should be directed through non-electronic means (no email, text message, instant message, cell phone or land line). Keep all files stored at 4096-bit encryption.

There was a code hidden in her file. I won't tell you where to find it, just like I won't tell you where to find the helix link. You'll be blue if you don't find it, though.
There are also three surveillance photos of Hana in her file. There's also a bit of her Mossad file for your perusal.

There's also a rough sketch of what's been done to Hana/the source of her abilities. She's been injected with a "radio isotope" (radioactive, maybe?) that allows HRG and his people to track her (so much for life off the grid).

The code, by the way, gets you into the Sylar file...

Case File – C3004
Subject: Gabriel Gray Known Aliases: Sylar
ABILITIES: Telekinesis, Multiple Unknown Abilities*
LOCATION: Currently unknown. Last held captive at Odessa Facility.
PERSONAL HISTORY: Gray, a watchmaker by trade, was approached for study by Chandra Suresh who termed Gray his “patient zero.” Gray used his intuitive understanding of the biological workings of individuals on Suresh’s list to obtain their abilities. The specific mechanism of acquiring the powers is uncertain, but requires the removal of the victim’s brain matter.

With the “adoption” of new abilities, Gray assumed the name Sylar and began a killing spree – targeting individuals on Chandra Suresh’s list of “specials”. Although telekinesis is the only ability directly observed, Sylar has ostensibly acquired many other abilities from his victims.

We captured Gray after the Union Wells High School incident. FBI Agent Audrey Hanson and Matt Parkman’s investigation led them to an unsuccessful raid on Primatech Paper while Sylar was in our custody. Under our observation, Sylar proved uncooperative and an incident with Eden McCain/Sarah Ellis led to her death. Despite our best efforts, Sylar escaped from our custody before our study was complete.

Infusion of foreign DNA into Sylar’s genome has corrupted his mind. He is sociopathic and singularly focused on gaining more abilities. His desire to be special will compel him to seek out more victims.

DIRECTIVE: Locate and recapture. Do not terminate. Further study required.

*Review Medical Chart for Codons Tested.

Still nothing new, information-wise. But interesting nonetheless.

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