Thursday, April 20, 2006

Podcast Planet 3.0

Yeah. I'm an addict.
I keep my ear to the ground, listening for the good stuff. And like all good geeks, I want to share it with everyone. That's part of the whole purpose of being a geek, isn't it?
[Note: These are the NEW shows I'm listening to. I'm still subscribed to the Daily Source Code, TikiBar TV, Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony, The Writing Show, Ebert & Roeper, NHL Insider with Bob McKenzie, both of John Edwards' podcasts (both audio and video), the PK and J Show -- more on them soon!!!,, the Marvel Podcasts, GeekBrief.TV, Dork de Jour, Writers on Writing, Tim Henson's Distorted View Daily, Constant Columbus, the Clerks 2 podcast and the Official Lost Podcast...and a couple feeds that are now inactive, but I'm too lazy to clean out of Juice just yet.]

So, yeah, I'm completely addicted to Jack Black's Nacho Libre Confessionals. Are you surprised? I mean, a manly piece of flesh like Jack Black? What's not to love? And, he's playing a LUCHADOR, fer cryin' out loud. Subscribe. Now. Do it.
Of course, as more episodes of that appear to ramp up for the release of Nacho Libre, updates are getting downright scarce to Kevin Smith's Clerks 2 video diaries. I know the movie's done and all, Lunchbox. But you can still be our pusher. Give your fans more juicy video crack, damn you.
I still have no idea what's really going on on Lost. But, I have the Official Lost Podcast to feed me lies and half-truths about TV's most mysterious show. Still, I'm thinking of maybe getting some non-official word on this show (that's a blatant plea for someone to tell me which Lost casts are good, dammit).
Ricky Gervais not only has a second season of his Ricky Gervais Show up for pay (Sorry, Ricky. I'm horribly poor.), but he has a FREE video podcast. So now I can watch them poke fun at poor Karl Pilkington and his perfectly round head.
I love ninjas. I love movies about ninjas. I love reading magazines about ninjas. I love playing video games about ninjas. Hey -- I love a video cast by a ninja, too! The Ask a Ninja podcast is fun and informative. I look forward to asking the ninja a question real soon!

I know you all love Homestar Runner. And since you love Homestar Runner, I know you love the Strong Bad E-Mails. Well, they have a feed for those now, too. Plus, they occasionally throw other fun stuff down the pipeline.
Since I'm a cartoon fanatic, I re-subscribed to the Happy Tree Friends podcast. I'd gotten rid of it ages ago, and I just sorta drifted back to it. I don't know why, exactly. Except maybe I'm amused by cute lil' cartoon animals suffering and dying horribly.
Speaking of toons...I'm also a big fan of the Vintage Tooncast. Yeah, I own DVDs full of old cartoons. But now I also get 'em delivered to my iTunes. And occasionally, it's one I've never seen before. Supercool.

I'm a pop culture junkie, which is rather apparent when you take into account how many pop culture podcasts I listen to (Dork de Jour, I'm lookin' at you!). Well, I finally got off my keister and subscribed to Amanda Congden's Rocketboom and Revision 3: Diggnation TV with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (When I can actually get the episodes to actually download fully). Both cover the more humorous aspects of life on and away from your computer screen. And both are entertaining as hell to watch.
I enjoyed the hell out of Miss Kitka(aka Casey McKinnon)'s KITKAST. Imagine my surprise when she jumped from sex news to geek culture with GalactiCast, her new video program. Guess she likes being geeky more than being half-nekkid.
Exactly how many podcasts and video casts of geek blather about pop culture can the net support? The world may never know. Like I keep saying...geeks are taking over. (And no, Kevin, that doesn't mean you can be President for Life.)

Speaking of sex, I checked out the ClubJenna podcast and let's just say...I'm underwhelmed. They put up a couple weeks worth of trailers to some of her movies and.........that was it. Nothing at all since. Yawn. Bored now.
Oh, and speaking of big yawns, the Yum Yum Girlie Show ain't all that yummy. Occasionally the fare is tasty looking, but the clips are so damn short you never get enough flavor for it to matter. Of course, they're all adverts for stuff you can purchase. Typical.

If you know me at all, you know I'm rather pointedly opinionated politically. So, I'm pleased as punch that HBO has put Real Time with Bill Maher up as an audio podcast. Sure, you miss out on the visual jokes (and there's usually quite a few during the show), but I'm just happy as hell to be able to revisit Bill stomping all over the stupidity and hypocrisy of the Bush administration any time I so choose.
I just wish John Edwards would release more podcasts and video casts. The more I see of him, the more I wish he had a Pennsylvania Avenue address.

ConstantColumbus is no longer the only music cast I listen to (sorry Kevin and Dorn). Have I mentioned that ConstantColumbus is running the first ever podcast battle of the bands? No? Well, now I have. Get over there and listen to some tunes and vote for yer favorite.
WOXY in Cincinatti has a terrific podcast of the live sets and interviews they present from visiting acts and local artists. Check out the WOXY Lounge Acts. It's quite often great stuff.
I'm also listening to eric Metronome's Cover of the Week podcast. Fifty-two weeks in a year. Fifty-two cover songs by this super-talented super-genius. Delivered to me automatically via the magic of RSS. I'm lovin' it.

I'd listened to both of Scott Sigler's previous podiobooks, Earthcore and Ancestor. Well, he's in the middle of his best book yet, Infection. I really can't wait each week to hear what happens next, and I occasionally put off listening to the newest episode each week so that I don't have to wait as long for the next one to come out.
I'm also listening to the short stories read over at Escape Pod, which is usually an entertaining listen. But, occasionally, the stories aren't all that good. Thankfully, I can stop and skip to the next one.

Since I do keep harping on you folks to listen to podcasts, I suppose I should once again mention the Big Haired Fag himself...the Podfather...Mr Adam Curry and his Daily Source Code. If you're not subscribed yet...the show keeps getting better. He's now occasionally offering video shows -- as in music videos for podsafe music acts. Now how cool is that? Hell, it's almost as cool as Adam Curry's towering, perfectly blow-dried metrosexual hair.

Sadly, hockey season is over. So now I have to find a good baseball podcast. Any suggestions, folks (Reds, White Sox, Red Sox and Yankees podcasts need not apply)?

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