Monday, January 23, 2006

Since Adam Sucks and is LAZY.....

Well, here it is the morning of the 23rd of January and Adam hasn't updated his blog for what.....? TWO WEEKS! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So I thought I would jump in and post something to take up some space. I wouldn't want this blog to fall into the Nothing, now would I?

Well, Constant Columbus is gearing up for show number five. Does not sound like a lot, and it isn't. It is only five. But just last week we were doing show number four. Now, number five! Hoorah!

So this post is more a plea than just some random nattering at you fellows. I have never met any of you, that I am aware of, except the Gov'nor, Adam B. but I need some help here. We have about 70 some listeners every day but none are giving us feedback on what they think of the show! Now how are we supposed to improve the show if no one gives us their opinion!

So here is my plea: PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SHOW, AT LEAST TWO, MAYBE THREE IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED, AND GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK!!!! Let us know how it sounds, what you think of the bands, what you think there should be more or less of. ANYTHING! If you do, I will get you something nice, like a ducky.

If you do send comments, send them to and place NeuroTrash Comment in the subject line or something to that effect that lets me know it comes from this venerable site.

Thanks, keep the faith, stay black,


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