Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Bush Administration Acting Like Children

So here we are, the United States of America, the supposed leader of the free and civilized world, acting like a bunch of toddlers at day-care....,1283,69800,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

Does everyone remember the days of Clinton and Gore and the start of what was to become the Kyoto Accord, setting a precedent of clean-air standards? Does everyone also remember the Bush Admin. refusing to comply because of what they saw as damage to the economy? WTF?!

"Naw, we don't want clean air so long as I've got my truck,' the Texan said. "I think that what our economy needs is free trade and lots of coal fired power plants to speed things along!"

I remember a bumper sticker I saw the other day, "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot."

Well, now the Bush-led government is at it again. 10,000 delegates met in Montreal to discuss further standards when Kyoto expires in 2012. Again, the Bush-ers sat to the wayside refusing to even enter into preliminary discussions! I keep seeing a child pouting in the corner because it is not getting what it wants. Anyone else? Am I alone here? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO JOIN IN THIS THING AND CLEAN OUR WORLD UP?! HUH?! The US produces the largest amount of pollution on the planet and we are kind enough to share with everyone, though we want nothing to do with the cleanup!

I am not a earth lover by any means. I buy plastic, I do not recycle.... But, I walk to work everyday, I do not litter, I make do with what I have now instead of adding to the crap piling up. I am just angry that Bush is not more ecologically minded. 'Go ahead and drill in the nature preserve, ruin it. We need that extra 1% of domestic oil it will supply....' I hear his idiotic voice in my head, preaching his nonsensical blubber!

OK. Enough for now. I am just becoming more and more upset with every word I type.

Have a good day, might as well start sucking on a tail pipe!

Kevin W.

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Adam said...

Most "conservatives" forget that conservation of our natural resources used to be part of their platform.

But, then again, they're not really conservatives. They're right-wing Christian radicals.