Thursday, September 15, 2005

Objectionable Content
I just noticed today that the Blogger Bar (that ubiquitous little bar at the top of the page with Blogger logo and the search bar) has a button to flag "objectionable content" and notify the service that you're a naughy bird and need your mouth washed out with soap.
Yay, freedom of speech!
Yay, censorship!
Something rankles me about that button. Something is amiss in this wonderful online utopia. It's the spectre of the greatest of intellectual evils. Yessir, I'm talkin' 'bout CENSORSHIP.
I'm sure the folks at Blogger have wonderful reasons for wanting to protect their readers from naughty words and harsh language. Since, of course, it's language that's running this country straight into the shithouse.
Oh, fuck. I said shithouse.
Oh, fuck. I said fuck.
I guess I'm in trouble.
What's the matter with a word, anyway? How did it get this mythic power? How did a word become more powerful than, say, the President? How is it that the leader of the free world cannot defend us from the word FUCK???
I know that Michael Powell has been doing his damnedest to protect us from bare flesh and inflammatory language, but he's only one man. And the FCC are woefully understaffed for the task of washing out the mouths of everyone in America who thinks as dirty as I do.
I've searched around rather futilely, looking for some kind of statement or rule set about what constitutes objectionable language, and of course, find none.
Well, fuck that.
They can come get me after they burn the Bill of Rights.


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name of the rose said...

the objectfionable content refers to ad bots that spam your site each time you post...that's what I'm thinking...