Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ocean’s Eleven -- Commentary Review

Must do as many as I can before Adam decides he's had enough of me!!

You have a choice of commentaries on this film. You can listen to Steven Soderbergh’s very technical commentary or the Matt Damon / Andy Garcia pairing with Brad Pitt splices. Steven Soderbergh creates visually stunning films. How does he do it? Well, we’re treated to a little insight on his commentary. He tells you about his editing and color palate decisions. But here’s the deal, could you copy his style? I don’t know, he seems to have an intuitive grasp of the media that’s one step above. As to the Damon, Garcia, Pitt commentary, it’s more of a conversation about what the film experience was like. Apparently they had a great time, and lost some money. All three actors are witty and comfortable with themselves and their work. Pitt actually comes off as being substantially less…less how do I say this? He comes of as less idiotic than he did on the Fight Club commentary with Edward Norton. Garcia and Damon converse with one another as much as they do the viewer, and that makes for a fun listen. Additionally, you’ll get a lot of Vegas information, and some fun facts about their co-stars. George Clooney declined to be on this commentary…bastard. Although, his is not a “conspicuous absence” as Tim Allen’s absence on the Big Trouble commentary or Keenu Reeve’s absence on the Matrix commentary, it is still irritating. Only, of course until you hear him on the Solaris commentary then you’ll praise the deity of your choice he didn’t make it here.

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