Monday, April 19, 2004

FINALLY! A trailer update!

There's a new trailer for Troy online in Windows Media, but's nice.
If you like remakes a bit more...check out the latest look at Stepford Wives over at moviephone, and for The Manchurian Candidate over at yahoo.
Threre's also new trailers for Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, De-Lovely, I, Robot, Dodgeball (yeah, I know, ANOTHER one...), Noi, Love Me If You Dare, Lost Boys of Sudan, Two Brothers, Napoleon Dynamite, and a featurette about I, Robot over at
If that's not enough...there's a trailer for Chicken Little over at movielist, a trailer for Anacondas on yahoo, the first look at The Terminal on the dreamworks site, a trailer for Miyazaki's latest, Howl's Moving Castle, on cinemovies and some crappy Windows Media trailers for Sacred Planet, Super Size Me, and Mr. 3000 over at yahoo.

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